Why your business needs a content strategy and how to make one

While you can never have enough content, there is a big difference between valuable content and that which requires an additional level of spam control for your email inbox. In this article, we will discuss the importance and relevance of good content, along with the reason you need a strategy to help your business grow.

Say you have a passion for interior designing and follow a blog ardently, you should already know that the beautiful make-overs and general content on this particular website inspires you to want to do the same things. Furthermore, it is likely that these are also concepts you will want to share on a blow of your own.

Several years later you start a small interior design business of your own and end up turning into that blog you loved so much – the company whose content marketing kept you so “involved”. Another instance regarding the effectiveness of a content strategy is Google, who reward content-rich web-sites by bestowing on them higher ranking when people do searches.

In a nutshell, produce good and relevant content and you will attract more customers who are searching for the services you offer. Producing this content can take up a lot of time and if you are not a writer or particularly good with photography and videos or other forms of storytelling, it can be a type of skill that you will need to master. Often the content will not convert to new business instantaneously. This is often the reason why entrepreneurs sometimes ignore content strategy and deem it as not being at the top of their list in marketing their business.

You want to grow your business, right?

Simply put, creating content strategy is truly for the betterment of your business, even your goals, the kind of audience to your business and what they are interested in.

A content strategy is also a guide in terms of your audience expectations; to determine what type of content you want to create. It will determine the resources you will devote to content strategy. Content strategy can help with improving and growing your business because it can help you to discover new business ideas. Content strategy simplifies your business basically because it will let you know how you can improve your business. This is because you will need to review your goals and to know your audience – finding out exactly what they are looking for and are interested in.

How does content strategy help my business?

Some businesses will simply just put their posts on their website because they think they’re funny or cool – people will be automatically drawn to that. Wrong. That doesn’t really help with your goals for your business. Content strategy helps you avoid adding pointless posts. It makes sense that your business can operate on the regular day-to-day basis with some business planning, but you will certainly be more successful if you have a strategy which guides you in your activities. It’s important to keep a content-calendar so you can plan what you want to publish and when. You will also want to make use of a tracking report so you can monitor traffic coming to your post. You will be able to see if your business is growing and also keep track of popular themes and topics, the good days to publish on and what the source of the traffic is to your site, etc.

What will help you a great deal is to build good trust with your current customers and any potential ones. You also want to position your business as a leader in the industry and market the business effectively as paid advertising. You will also want to regularly demonstrate your company’s talents and skills

Putting the 3 C’s together to build your company

Your business needs content marketing, because it’s your opportunity to stay on your customers minds and to further reach those potential clients with the relevant information.  You draw in potential clients by dispensing of valuable information, valuable tips and insights about your work. If you were that interior design company for instance, rather than just uploading photos, you could go further, sharing processes by means of blog posts, sharing ideas for instance such as paint colours, fabric selections or styling ideas. It helps readers to your website to understand the process more but also connect with your business. As soon as you give out information that your customers can use, you become a trusted and reliable authority. The next time new potential customers want to engage with your type of business, your will probably come first to their minds.

If you want to develop content strategy, you must start with some research of three things:


You will want to reveal what your brand’s values are and your company core strengths. Ask yourself questions like “what does your company stand for?”and “what are we really good at?”


Your goal will be to realise and understand what your customer’s want, what they need and to know what their purchasing history is. You will want to work out too how, when and where they look at content.


Research will be reveal your content and commercial competitors; understanding their brand values, the way they sell and how they communicate to their own customers.

Other questions you should ask yourself

  • What do our customers need and want and is my content delivering to them?
  • Are both my content and commercial competitors giving customers what they want already? If they aren’t, then this is the opportunity for your business and brand to shine.
  • Is my content delivering against what my business objective is?
  • Is my content at all times aligned with your business values and brand message?
  • Is my content strategy enhancing my company’s credibility?
  • Is my content enabling my company to stand out apart from the competition?
  • Does my content deliver against your objectives?

Start with your content marketing strategy to see growth

No matter if you are a tiny business with just a couple of employees or even just a one-man show, you might think that the content marketing you do is so basic you don’t need any plans. But there is a time when you will want a comprehensive plan and to document it. With a documented strategy, you can feel confident. With a strategy in place, challenges won’t be so overwhelming.

Start charting your business success and growth today – with content strategy and marketing but at the same time, remember your goal should be to add quality and value to the inbox of your customers, not just content.