How to use YouTube to market your business

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world and responsible for streaming video to billions of people all over the world every day. With that said, is it any wonder as to why every owner should be using YouTube to market their business?

In fact, it is thought that more than one hundred hours of footage is uploaded to this popular platform every minute and six billion hours of video consumed during any given month. Hence, there is an incredible opportunity on YouTube for a business to grow and often, a market niche which is yet to be tapped.

At the same time, are you familiar with how to reach your target market using this platform? Here are some pointers on how to use YouTube to market your business:

Tips on using YouTube to market your business

Focus on quality and upload often

Among the most popular channels on YouTube, you will find that each of these channels have something in common – quality and consistency. Whether you have a strategy right now is not important, but it is essential to make one to have any meaningful impact.

From webinars and webcasts to interviews and podcasts; there are many ways to create unique content for your channel, but the focus should always be on the quality, rather than quantity. That being said, the consistency of videos is still important as the viewers need to know that when they come back to your channel, there will be more interesting content waiting.

Include a call to action

Remember that your goal is to reach out and connect with consumers. Maybe you have products or a service which you would like them to check out? In any case, you need to tell them what they do not know, and this is referred to as a call to action.

You can include links in the description for the video, but it is also better to be a little more obvious by placing this call to action within the video content itself. This can be done using the annotations section in the editing mode of YouTube or even a simple caption during the video, requesting that the viewer likes the video or visits a particular link.

Interact and take feedback on board

When a target audiences view your videos, you will know how they feel. How? Well, how many likes, subscriptions or comments came from that particular video. You see, viewers want to be entertained and just as importantly, they want to reward content creators in some way for creating entertaining content. Hence, if you produce something fun and interactive, they will let you know.

Everyone will take a different approach but to genuinely improve your content and community; it is essential to recognise interaction on the channel. Simply put, the best way to make a start with this is to reply to every comment with sincerity and try to take something constructive from each comment, even if it does seem negative at first.

Customise your YouTube Channel

First impressions are everything, and you want to stand out from the very moment a customer arrives on your channel. In this regard, channel art is absolutely crucial, and you should take time to incorporate logos, taglines, and other fun information into these images.

That being said, you should make sure that the channel is set up in such a way that the most popular videos are on the homepage. Furthermore, complete every section of the channel including the “About” page and the website or social media links which appear on the cover art of your channel.

Choose the right category and tags for every video

Whenever you upload a video content, choosing the correct category, tags and keywords are incredibly important. There are usually a total of fifteen categories available to choose from and dozens of tags that you can include too. While YouTube will normally suggest tags to use for your video, it is sometimes better to search for a similar video on YouTube and check out the tags being used by these videos.

For example, if you upload a video about luxury ski resorts in Swizterland, you might see that a similar video on YouTube is achieving excellent results from the keywords “luxury ski resorts Switzerland”. Hence, you can use this and also whatever else you think people might be searching for with regard to luxury hotels in Bali.

Take time to write a good description

Did you know that most businesses or individuals fail to do the one thing which takes the least amount of time yet produces the biggest return? Having spent hours crafting a video, you are literally shooting yourself in the foot by not taking time to write a description.

YouTube algorithms use these descriptions to pick up keywords and use this information to decide where to place the video in search rankings. Simply put, most users are just too lazy to complete this description so if you manage to avoid being one of these users, you are automatically taking a giant stride ahead of the competition.

Summing up

The truth is, there are so many reasons as to why YouTube channels become so successful, and while this is often down to smart collaborations or sharing on social media, the basic requirements above are just as important. After all, if a channel is too busy to take heed of these points and put them into action, why should anyone have time to watch their videos in the first place?