The top five meet-ups I attended in 2017

Every week, I’ll try and attend one or two meet-ups. These events allow me to network, learn and be involved in the Sydney design and business community. They’ve been fantastic for my business, personal growth and sanity. It took me awhile to appreciate the benefits of such events, but now that I have, I’m a huge advocate. If you haven’t been yet, make it a goal to attend one in 2018.

In no particular order, here are five that I’ve enjoyed the most in 2017:

Sydney Designers

Organised by Hayden Bleasel, Sydney Designers hosts a series of talks by talented designers who share their knowledge and experience from working in the design industry. Hosted at different locations around Sydney (including the offices of Adobe, Campaign Monitor, Atlassian and Freelancer) each meet-up attracts hundreds of attendees and is the perfect place to meet and chat with fellow designers.

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I haven’t attended as many SydCSS events as I would have liked because they book out so quickly. I was lucky enough to attend SydCSS October for its fourth birthday and loved it. It’s not everyday you meet a group of strangers who love discussing CSS as much as you do. It’s the perfect meet-up for developers or designers looking to improve their CSS skills.

The highlight of SydCSS October was listening to Andy Clarke’s talk on Developing Inspired Guides with CSS Custom Properties. Andy has been a massive influence on my career and it was great to see him speak in person.

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Sydney UX / UI

Focusing on user experience and user interface design, this meet-up has been a huge success in 2017. Constantly getting between two and four hundred attendees, it has an array of talented speakers sharing what they know in the world of UX and UI design.

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Profitable Marketing

Hosted fortnightly by Edward Zia, it’s the event to attend for anyone looking to grow their business. Each event is on a specific topic and Ed will take you through a wonderful presentation which demonstrates how to take action and grow your business.

Out of all the business events I go to, this one attracts the best people. Everyone is there to learn and support each other, it’s a very welcoming environment.

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City of Sydney – Thought Leaders Seminar

Hosted monthly, this business seminar is put on by the City of Sydney. This was one of the very first meet-up’s I started to attend and I’ve been to (almost) all of them. With a wide range of topics covered, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, there will be a month that’s relevant for you. Each seminar has talks from influential people in the industry and experts on the topic. At the end, they sit on stage for a Q & A which allows the attendees to interact and continue the discussion.

Afterwards, they have a networking session to meet new people and grow your connections. They also film each seminar so you can go back and watch the events you missed.

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