Simple ways to grow your email list

If you want to keep your email list up-to-date while growing it, you need to be proactive. It’s estimated that 22% of the contacts on an email list become void as the contacts opt out of communication, or move to a new company. If it’s your job to keep your list full of active contacts, you need to be proactive and grow it as much as you can, as often as you can.

Below you will find some simple ideas that will help you grow your email list while reducing the number of void contacts:

Encourage your subscribers to share your emails

Encourage your subscribers to share the contents of your emails by adding a call-to-action (CTA) to every email that you send out. In your emails include a social media sharing button that allows the reader to share your incredible emails with their friends on multiple social media sites.

Along with the CTA, add a ‘Subscribe’ button to your emails so that anyone receiving a forwarded copy of your email has an opportunity to subscribe, thereby growing your email list even further.

Get better at targeting your emails

Generic emails that are sent to all of your customers will not be relevant to everyone. For example, the email that displays pictures of a clothing range that students aged 18-25 might like, will not be relevant to a 55-year-old who is thinking about retiring.

Get better at targeting your emails, think about the demographic of your customers, what might their goals be? What do they do? What is most valuable to them? If you can target your emails to a specific demographic, they’re more likely to read and interact with your emails. If you cannot identify the demographic of every customer, send out multiple emails to each contact. The more targeted emails you send, the more likely it is that the right one will land in their inbox, and be read.

Create better content

Create better content so that your emails are read, enjoyed, and forwarded on to friends, or shared via social media. Emails that have the same old content over and over again can be perceived as being quite dull. Create content that jumps out that is full of pictures and links, that appeals to your customers, and makes them smile.

Offer free content

Everyone likes to get something for nothing, and you can make use of your customers’ willingness to get something for free by offering them a free downloadable copy of your latest brochure, for example. However, the only way your customers can get a copy of your brochure is by giving you their email address.

In addition to asking for their email address, you may also want to ask your customers about their age range (18-25, 26-35, for example) so you can send them emails that are targeted to them.

Add a call-to-action on every page of your website

Add a call-to-action on every page, or most of the pages on your website. Your customers should not have to search for a subscription button; there should be one available on almost every page. Include a CTA on your home page, your ‘About us’ page, and your blog’s main page too.

Take a look at how much traffic every page is getting, and add a CTA on the most visited pages, so more people see your CTA, and have a chance to sign up.

Use a QR Code

More and more companies are harnessing the power of QR codes. Customers are getting more and more curious about QR codes, as they know a quick scan will send them to a website. Add a QR code to your printed marketing material, so your customers have the chance to subscribe to your emails.

An effective way of encouraging people to scan a QR code is to make them an offer such as ‘Scan the code to receive 10% off’ or ‘Scan the code to enter our latest competition.’ Of course, the catch is that they have to sign up to receive emails from you.

Ask via social media

Social media is currently one of the very best marketing tools around. Chances are you already have a social media account, but do your accounts have a call-to-action? Add a CTA to every single page, and every single post, so that your customers are encouraged to sign up.

Growing your email list is absolutely vital as it gives people the chance to hear about your latest offers, view your website, and ultimately increase your profits. Use the above tips to grow your list so more people are aware of who you are, what you do, and what you can do for them.