A quick guide to blogging for small businesses

What is a blog and its importance concerning small businesses? A blog is an online platform to express your feelings and opinions or even narrate particular experiences uninhibited by norms and convention or even by other people’s opinions.

How about a business blog? Well, things change a little here because, clearly, you want to attract a following that could easily convert into customers for your product or service. For this reason, a business blog is an effective way to communicate your brand identity and purpose while also being an opportunity to establish a relationship with potential customers. In this sense, you want to prolong the attention span of your readers and have web visitors making a return visit; in the process making a decision to become your customers.

Remember your business is small

The truth is, many people may know little, if anything, about your small business. For that reason, you want your readers to get information regarding your business and your brand, which they would otherwise have asked friends or strangers and probably gotten inadequate or incorrect answers.

How do you then go about catching the attention of new customers when your brand is little known? The answer lies in touching your readers at a personal level. Existing and potential customers are glad to know that you understand them personally and that their feelings and opinions are valued when it comes to the product or service you are offering.

Tips to captivate your blog visitors

Be informal

A blog is not an academic thesis or a business proposal you are writing for the bank. Write it the way you would write a letter to a friend. This means you need to avoid appearing all-knowing. Give the reader room for feedback by posing questions and sometimes leaving some information pending. Your readers will respond to you by attempting to answer those questions and, of course, they will look forward to the next blog for more information.

Give your blog an interesting heading

Your title and the very first paragraph will determine if your blog is worth reading or not. So, why not make yours captivating – hooking the reader at first sight? Of course, it is important that the tone continues to be friendly all the way to the end. In short, try and make your blog irresistible.

Stand out

For the sake of your business, have a different opinion and be confident in expressing it. Avoid regurgitating what is all over the internet. If you want your readers to take your product or service as unique, you have got to show them your unique stance and unique manner of doing things.

Keep your blog short

Sure yes – there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. The length of a good business blog needs to be somewhere between 300 and 500 words. And it helps if it is SEO friendly, you know, observing Search Engine Optimization so that you can lead your readers to where your product or service can be found.

Keep things simple

Go straight to the point and avoid using too much figurative language and round-about communication. Avoid too much jargon, unless you are marketing a technical product or service.

Address the needs of your consumers

Whom do you think would need your product or service? Whom do you wish would read your blog? Ok – Learn beforehand the information they would like to see on your blog. What is their interest and what are their concerns?

Post a photograph

A photograph that is relevant to your topic is good. One that automatically evokes your intended emotion is even better. To enhance your readers’ emotions and keep them interested to read further, you need to add a caption at the bottom of the photo.