14 Free Social Media Tools for Small Businesses

Social media is an online representation of authority and popularity in the real world and a place where likes, feedback and sales from potential customers are easily accessible. Harnessing these online resources to the maximum is important for a small business and opportunely, there are many tools, which can make the social media world more cost effective and easier to navigate.

Simply put, tracking results enables small business owners to incorporate the best strategy and ensure the right techniques are being deployed concerning online marketing. Here are some of the free social marketing tools;

Social Media Analytics Tools


This analytics tool covers multiple platforms and produces charts that help to understand and compare social media channels. They provide daily email updates for monitoring with excellent metrics and a better understanding of these changes.


This tool is perfect for searching of keywords, URLs or hash tags necessary to see a range of metrics. It shows the top sites, demographic breakdown, location, posters and keywords. In addition, they provide sample results for the free versions as compared to the paid ones.


Brand24 is a web-based dashboard that offers updated and real time insights of statistics with content and audience in details. A limited free trial is also available for 14 days.


This free tool allows tracking of a wide range of networks. They offer widgets that allow easy networks, pages and accounts monitoring.  More functionality is accessible with the paid version.


Providing analytics for up to three Facebook pages, Quintly provides a breakdown of the engagement and follower statistics. List of widgets is available for a customized dashboard allowed by the simple user interface.

Social Media Managing Tools

Multiple social media platforms can be a dreadful task. There are available managing tools, which ensure they maintain these accounts at the best possible state. Moreover, this helps to increase engagements or followers, the potential customers.

Social Rank

Identify, manage, and organize Twitter and Instagram easily through sorting and filtering the users. This way you can determine the portion of followers has the greatest engagement.


As one of the top choices for a social media manager, this allows management from one platform to another. This is useful in scheduling updates, growing brand, or engaging with the audience.


It is a tool that allows quick and easy search and connection for Twitter social influencers. This increases engagement on Twitter, including the activity and interest’s analytics real time. Consequently, this is particularly helpful as you are able to reach out to the influencers when they are active.

Sprout Social

Creating a perfect and manageable schedule is as easy as posting messages on multiple social media networks. The interface is very easy to use. Furthermore, the collaboration and custom reports are also possible with this tool with the free 30 days trial.

Content Marketing Tools

Nowadays, engaging with followers does not only depend on analytics or influencers, but also with the value of the post. These content marketing tools are helpful in coming up with the next big idea for a booming business.


This tool helps in creating content for social media. Dragging or dropping of tweets, finding photos and videos to create a story has never been this easy. They help to create a story or there is the curate user-generated content. Storify is available in free or paid versions.

Clear Voice

This content tool helps to plan, manage, or even publish content. Deadlines and publish dates can be set. Then, the team of content marketing tools processes this by creating and editing within the app. An additional marketplace of freelance writers is also available.

Influencer Identification Tools

These social media tools determine the people who serve as influencers in the social media. This helps to rank them by giving a score, which will be helpful in the selection process. Choosing the right influencers will ultimately help in boosting the visibility and ranking in the social media.


The twitter analytics is the main concern of this tool. It helps in searching for bios, a number of followers, location, and authority. In addition, this tool helps to connect with them.


This is a tool, which searches for words in contents, and compares it to the tweets within a 12-month period. It correlates and suggests relevant influencers.  Then, you can also check the relevance of the number of influencers that you can pick.


This helps in the measurement of influence by engagement on Twitter.  The influencers get 1-100 rankings. It is helpful with the search for the influencers regarding specific topics and the functionality desired.

Wrapping Up

Contrary to popular belief, the use of tools for small businesses is cost effective and produces a high return on investment. In fact, the aforementioned tools are often free or come with a free trial that is useful for small business owners. This ultimately aids the business not only to run, but to thrive in the social media spotlight. After all, these particular tools make the social media process easier, faster, and ultimately better than the rest.